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Dome convex (Dome Cooper) Hot – Fix
is havy metal stone resembles caps ,fix its advantage is that it is easily placed by thermo-impact!
It has many shapes such as: skulls, cones, washers, jagged circles, oval, triangles, hemispheres, stars, moons and more. etc.

Dome Convex Hot-Fix-Dome Convex Hot-Dicks Circles start from 3mm to 10mm. This type of stone finds its application on bags, rucksacks, shoes, clothes, wedges and more.
They are placed like all other stones;

The transfer motifs made by Dome Convex (Dome Cooper) Hot-Fix – Homme Convex Hot-Fix can be combined with other types of stones such as: Rhinestone HOT-FIX, BOMBELI HOT-FIX, Metallic HOT -FIX, octagon hot fix (octagon)!

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