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About our product

Thermal -adhesive motifs are a unique product to diversify, refresh or shine your clothes.
The transfer motives include a rich and varied solution for every taste. Numerous combinations of different sizes, colors and shapes lead to the creation of a unique and unique crystal print!
Heat-sticking transfers are unique and unique because through them you can reflect your individuality, uniqueness and message.
1. What is the stone stamp?
The transfer motif is Rhinestone hot-fix, octagon hot-fix, metallic hot-fix, acrylic, dome cooper hot-fix, arranged in a fixed form on a hot fix tape)
It consists of three main parts;
-white base
heat-sealing crystals / stones.
The thermophore is a transparent material that can withstand high temperatures without leaving traces on the fabric and performs a transfer function.
The motif is transferred by thermo foil to the area where you want to position the crystals.
2. Application:
Once you have selected the product on which you want to stick the crystals, carefully remove the white foil base. Glue the thermo-adhesive film with the crystals / stones onto the selected area so that the image is placed exactly where you want it to be. Lighten slightly with your hand. Press the glued transfer with a hot press. Seal from 120 to 180 degrees in depending on the fabric of the garment and the type of stones used.
By heating the adhesive on the crystals melts and they are firmly fixed in the fabric of the garment.
Allow the print to cool down and then gently peel off the thermo-adhesive foil. The crystalline figurine is already glued to the fabric.
3.Where can heat-stick transfers be used?
Because of the easy and quick application, the heat-sealing motifs are very much present in the fashion industry, in the production of sportswear and knitwear in mass confection and in the decoration of household textiles. They are intended not only for women’s and children’s fashion but and in male garments.
A T-shirt can get a totally different look if you choose a suitable motif to stick to.